Paths for medical device companies to partner with the federal government

Tapping into the federal market in the COVID-19 environment

With the surge in requirements for critical medical devices and technologies in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, medical device companies truly are on the front lines. Working closely with the federal government and commercial partners, they are devising pathways to meet the ever-expanding need for a wide variety of products, including diagnostics, personal protective equipment, masks, ventilators, and myriad other devices and technologies. The federal government, for its part, has invoked streamlined emergency procurement tools to facilitate rapid production, collaboration, and supply to meet the expanding need.

During this webinar, members of our Government Procurement and Medical Device teams discussed key regulatory and federal contracting developments for medical device companies, and provided critical information about the federal health acquisition programs that companies can expect to be interfacing with during the current COVID-19 environment and beyond.

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