Transition, Technology and Termination: opportunities and challenges for the Construction Supply Chain

In order for Japanese companies to expand their overseas business operations and secure stable incomes, it is inevitable that they train and develop human resources who can handle overseas projects. While the scale of overseas projects has become larger and more complicated in recent years and the types of contracts used for those projects are more diversified, a much broader range of knowledge and skills is required for the smooth handling of overseas projects.

We invite you to join our in-person New Year Seminar entitled "Transition, Technology and Termination: opportunities and challenges for the Construction Supply Chain", to be held on 18 January in conjunction with OCAJI. This will be the 10th installment in our annual series of  New Year Seminars, which we began back in 2014.

This year's seminar will focus on:

  • opportunities arising for the contracting community in light of the global transition to alternative sources of energy in order to meet worldwide targets for reducing carbon emissions;
  • the increased embedding of digital technology and software in physical infrastructure projects and how the enhanced collaboration, programming, cost and time readjustment, intellectual property and continuity risks associated with such projects can be managed by the various contractors involved in their construction; and
  • strategies for, and alternatives to, termination of contracts, subcontracts and supply agreements, given the greater likelihood of such action in light of continued market and economic uncertainty and the novel and complex issues frequently encountered on 'smart infrastructure' projects.

This programme will allow you to understand the different types and geographic spread of energy transition projects with which they might be involved in the coming decade, together with the risks involved on energy transition projects using new technology or simply on projects and works that now routinely incorporate digital technologies and software. The greater chance of renegotiating or terminating contractual arrangements on such projects is also why you are likely to value a timely refresher on strategies for (and alternatives to) terminating construction and engineering contracts. 

The schedule is as follows:


15:00  Opening remarks
15:10  Energy transition – new technologies and global opportunities in the decade ahead and the challenges of particular regional markets.
15:40  Energy transition projects in the Middle East, and the need for carbon reduction and new technologies in Saudi Arabia's major infrastructure developments.
16:10  Break for tea/coffee
16:30  Embedded digital technology in physical construction and engineering works: what risks does this increase and how can they be managed?
17:00  Terminating construction and engineering contracts – best practice and alternatives.
17:30  Question and answer session
18:00  New Year Reception

*The seminar topics or the speakers may change.

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