MilSat Symposium 2021: Next generation space defense

The MilSat Symposium serves as a bridge between national space defense and industry. As low-cost space technology proliferates worldwide, DoD has more choices in the rapid development and deployment of next-generation space defense technologies. Space operations have a critical role in interconnecting the services and an increasing role in the defense of space assets. The MilSat Symposium fosters discussion on these new and developing connections while addressing the technological, logistical, and financial understandings needed to build next-generation space defense.

Partner Steve Kaufman will be speaking on a panel, "The evolving technology of launch," where panelists will examine the current market trends and what strategies will deliver the most adaptable solutions for the launch of military satellites.

Partner Randy Segal will be speaking on a panel, "Comparing contracting requirements and practices of DoD and commercial space," where panelists will discuss the complex legal and regulatory requirements which leads to space systems characterized by high costs, long program schedules, and frequent delays, and how this can be changed by the acknowledgment that space is a critical infrastructure sector and needs a new set of rules and regulations.

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