Miami attorneys serving as Adjunct Professors at FIU College of Law

For the second year in a row, counsel Juan Garcia and senior associate Javier Peral (both Miami) will be serving as Adjunct Professors during the spring semester at FIU College of Law. As they did last spring, Juan and Javier will be teaching a seminar titled Transnational Disputes:  Practicing Law in the Era of Globalization. The course will provide students the opportunity to study and analyze the lifecycle of a global dispute from beginning to end: from preparing clients for the prospect of international litigation or arbitration to handling post-award proceedings and appeals before international tribunals and courts. The course will wrestle with complex questions that permeate every global dispute, such as: (1) What are the consequences of agreeing to a particular choice-of-law provision? (2) When and why should a party agree to resolve a dispute through international arbitration versus litigation?  (3) How does a party obtain and present evidence in a global dispute? (4) What are the difficulties associated with enforcing a post-dispute award and how can these difficulties be overcome?

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