Opportunities for advanced reactors

Are we facing a nuclear renaissance?

We are delighted to invite you to our webinar Opportunities for advanced reactors – are we facing a nuclear renaissance?, taking place on Tuesday, 31 May 2022.

Galloping energy prices, ambitious climate neutrality goals, the inclusion of nuclear power in EU Taxonomy and recent geopolitical developments have significantly increased the attractivity of nuclear power as an affordable, carbon neutral energy source without the dependency on foreign natural resources.

However, in Germany, the nuclear phase out is already a done deal. Or not? In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Germany’s current energy dependency from Russian gas, the nuclear phase-out in Germany is put in question. Numerous politicians in Germany as well as Federal State Governments already raised the question, whether the operating permits for the existing nuclear power plants in Germany should extended. All options seem to be on the table.

Given that modern solution for nuclear based power supply – which especially minimize risks associated with this technology – have been developed in recent years, those developments inevitable trigger the question whether instead of an extension of operating permits for existing plants, modern reactors should be built in Germany to close the potential supply gap, especially on the long-term. Development of such technology in the U.S. is already far along in deployment, with a number of license applications pending or soon to be submitted to the nuclear regulator. Our Partner Amy Roma advises clients on a wide range of legal, business, and policy matters involving the commercial nuclear energy industry, including issues related to large scale reactors, advanced reactors, fusion facilities, and supporting nuclear infrastructure. In this webinar, she will share Hogan Lovells’ deep industry knowledge in this area and discuss the perspectives for nuclear energy over the next decades in Germany and Europe, and can speak to nuclear reactor license extensions, advanced reactors developments, and global deployment plans, as well as nuclear’s role in decarbonization, energy independence and security, and grid reliability.   

 We hope that you can join us

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