Launch Webinar: Hogan Lovells Asia-Pacific Data Protection and Cyber Security Guide 2021

The unprecedented challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic are still with us, not only in terms of the grim toll the virus has taken on individuals and families, but also in terms of wider implications for how people and societies live and interact.

The data protection landscape in the Asia Pacific region (APAC) was already undergoing significant transformation in the run up to the pandemic. Speaking in very general terms, the movement has been towards closer alignment with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The move towards this international “gold standard” has been seen as timely, as APAC economies continue to grow and become more digital. That said, the evolution of each national law in APAC necessarily reflects the specific policy aims of the lawmakers taking legislative reforms forward, with an eye to matters such as economic development goals, national security and a host of other issues unique to the jurisdiction.

Our popular annual seminar, now in webinar format, will introduce our Asia-Pacific Data Protection and Cyber Security Guide 2021, which tracks the developments and key initiatives of APAC countries while looking ahead to the implications of an ever-shifting data protection and cyber security landscape.

Our panelists from four offices in the region will provide you with a roadmap for APAC businesses seeking to achieve compliance that answers the questions most critical for in-house counsel and data privacy professionals:

  • The impact of COVID 19 on data protection and cyber security in APAC
  • Key legislative and regulatory developments: 2020 in review and looking ahead to 2021
  • APAC data protection regulatory heat map
  • Individual country data protection developments

Please click here to download the full version of the Asia Pacific Data Protection and Cyber Security Guide 2021 and the Snapshot of our APAC Data Protection and Cyber Security Practice.

If you have any questions, please submit them in advance, and our speakers will address them during the webinar.

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