Impact Financing & Investing: The need for innovation

In the second of our three part webinar series, we examine the need for innovative financial solutions. COVID-19 has substantially increased the challenges we face in achieving the UN SDGS by 2030 and the task of mobilising private sector commercial capital has become even more urgent.

More than ever before, the financial sector must address and balance the need to conduct businesses responsibly, deliver a return and mobilise commercial capital to achieve the UN SDGs and other international goals. Many challenges remain not least in capacity building and education, flexibility in applying impact investment tools, product innovation and alignment of product design and sustainability strategies. 

The market has developed a number of investment tools and products over the course of the last few years…but are they enough? Are we achieving scalable, speedy and efficient financial solutions? Are we approaching the challenges and barriers we face in the right way? If not, what needs to change?

In this webinar, we were delighted to welcome Professor Muhammad Yunus, Chairman and Co-Founder of Yunus Social Business, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2006) as our keynote. We examined why the impact financing sector has not attracted the commercial investment which is needed and how we can address those barriers through innovation, creative thinking and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Our expert panel of speakers explored why we need innovative thinking, the tools we can use, what is working and how to balance competing needs in order to mobilise capital towards international goals.

Click here to view the webinar recording.

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