Digital Finance Dialogue

The German Electronic Securities Act (Gesetz zur Einführung elektronischer Wertpapiere – eWpG) has been in force since 10 June 2021. It introduces two types of electronic securities registers: central securities register and decentralised crypto securities registers. On 29 October 2022, a regulation became effective which specifies the requirements re electronic securities register (Verordnung über Anforderungen an elektronische Wertpapierregister - eWpRV). With the legal framework in place now we want to discuss practical experiences of market participants with issuances and securities under the new framework. Jaspar Lembke, Head of Primary Markets Services Germany, Clearstream, Markus Schenk, Head of New Issues, Vontobel, and Sarah de Blasi, Leiterin Aufsichtsrecht, DekaBank, will provide different perspectives on the practical and legal challenges and opportunities. The panel discussion will be moderated by Jochen Seitz and Leopold von Gerlach.

As the other sessions of our HL Digital Finance Dialogues, this panel discussion will take place in our panoramic Frankfurt office (and alternatively online – but we hope to welcome as many of you as possible on site). The language of the discussion will be German.

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