Dubai Arbitration Update


Pursuant to Decree 34 of 2021 concerning the Dubai International Arbitration Centre, the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (“EMAC”) and the Dubai International Financial Centre Arbitration Institute (the “DAI”) have been abolished with their rights and obligations being transferred to the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (the “DIAC”) which will sit as Dubai’s sole arbitration centre. The DIAC itself is undergoing major reform pursuant to this Decree. 
The Decree has major implications for: 

  • ongoing arbitrations administered under the auspices of the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre (the “DIFC-LCIA”) or EMAC;
  • existing agreements which provide for DIFC-LCIA or EMAC as the institution;
  • future agreements with a nexus to Dubai, including the DIFC which provide for arbitration. 

To gain an overview of the changes and the implications for your business please join our webinar on Wednesday 29 September 2021 at 1pm Dubai time where Nabeel Ikram and Samaa Haridi will provide an analysis and insights into the Decree.

Questions can be submitted in advance when you register. 

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