COVID-19, its impact on contracts, supply and labour, activities on site and dealing with Force Majeure (FIDIC COVID-19 Webinar series)

A major area of concern for the engineering and construction industry is the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on contractual arrangements between all parties, promoters /sponsors, clients, investors, designers, contractors and others in the supply chain.

The enormous - and rapidly escalating - global disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has put force majeure clauses in the front of parties' minds. Whatever agreement you are dealing with, whether a FIDIC-based contract or not, and whether you are considering a claim or receiving one following the outbreak, this webinar covers the issues you need to bear in mind and the steps you can take.


  • Moderator: Nelson Ogunshakin, CEO, FIDIC
  • Aisha Nadar, FIDIC Board member, Sweden
  • Vincent Leloup, Chair, FIDIC Contracts Committee, France
  • Angus Rankin, Partner, Hogan Lovells, UK
  • Clare B Marshall, Legal Director, Arup Group, UK
  • Charles Kim, Chief Legal Council, ACEC, USA

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