Consumer Horizons webinar - COVID-19, lessons learned and what's next while keeping your supply chain running

The consumer sector has faced unprecedented changes over the past year. Every aspect of business has been impacted and companies have drastically changed how they operate. A look ahead to what this year will bring does not suggest that there will be less challenges for consumer companies in 2021. Hogan Lovells attorneys from around the globe will host a series of webinars throughout 2021 that will look at key issues and latest changes on the horizon for the consumer industry.

Hogan Lovells hosted our first Consumer Horizons webinar of 2021: COVID-19, lessons learned and what's next while keeping your supply chain running

During our webinar on Thursday 25 February we addressed the topics below:

  • Supply chain: A principal focus in 2020 was force majeure; this session will focus on how consumer companies are making supply chain contracts flexible and approaching supply chain management in a post-pandemic world.
  • Insolvency risks and restructuring: As we move into a second year of the pandemic, credit markets have changed and many sectors are still struggling with lockdowns across Europe and the United States. This session will examine the impact of the prolonged economic stress, what government support and other mitigating measures consumer companies can now make use of to prepare for new lockdowns and economic turmoil and how to deal with insolvency scenarios.
  • Employers operating in a reopening world: As the world reopens in fits and starts and vaccines begin to become available, what are the issues that consumer companies will have to face in dealing with employees and the public. Our multijurisdictional panel will address the legal risks and what companies are doing in various jurisdictions.

If you were unable to join us, or would like to watch the program again, you can view the recording by clicking below.

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