Brexit: the UK's future as a trading nation

As the UK prepares to leave the EU it must also agree new trade deals with the rest of the world. The UK has been a strong advocate over the last 40 years of the EU free trade agenda, including pushing for global trade liberalization both under GATT and the WTO.

Now, the UK must stand on its own, and negotiate new, innovative and ambitious trade deals. Will the EU/UK trade agreement be a crucial milestone for the next generation of deals? Will the UK and US build a trade bridge that benefits businesses on both side of Atlantic? And can the UK reinvigorate the weakened WTO?

We'll be hosting a panel discussion, where our guest speakers will include Warren Maruyama an insider of US and WTO trade negotiations, as former General Counsel of the United States Trade Representative Office; Crawford Falconer, the UK Chief Trade Negotiator Adviser and Second Permanent Secretary of the Department for International Trade; Sir Simon Fraser, former Permanent Secretary of the UK Foreign Office and managing partner of Flint Global; and Lourdes Catrain, a trade partner at Hogan Lovells. The Panel will be moderated by Alan Beattie, Financial Times. 

We'll discuss the challenges the UK will face to reconstruct closer ties with its main trading partners and the opportunities that the trade environment would provide for UK businesses. You'll get an insight into the process of negotiating trade deals, and some of the common issues that UK's future trade agreements can face.

This is a private event, by invitation only. If you would like more information, please contact the marketing team.

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