AI & Data Regulation: What privacy professionals need to know about the EU, UK, and U.S. approaches

AI technology is surging ahead of regulation. This gap has left companies in quandary. Privacy professionals are asked how can we plan for the lawful use of AI when the legal landscape for its adoption is unsettled. Fortunately, by looking across jurisdictions, regulations, and sectors, themes are developing worldwide that can create a framework on how to answer this question and begin the legal conversation with business stakeholders.

On this Hogan Lovells webinar, Scott Loughlin, Joke Bodewits, Dan Whitehead, and Filippo Raso discussed emerging EU, UK, and U.S. artificial intelligence frameworks and how privacy teams can view those frameworks to build AI compliance programs. Topics included identifying the legally relevant features of AI and developing compliance programs to address existing and emerging cross-jurisdictional requirements. Participants learned how regulators are approaching this complex and dynamic area and how organizations can prepare to meet compliance challenges facing developers and users of AI.

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