After the breach: Respond, recover, rebuild

As cyber adversary capabilities, opportunities, and sophistication continue to grow, cyber incidents pose a very real, costly, and potentially devastating threat to organizations around the world. With today's cyber ecosystem, the question is "when," not "if."

When implicated in a cyber incident, leaders face the challenge of guiding organizations through complex crisis management scenarios while also navigating legal obligations and reputational risks. But the work does not stop after the incident is over. In the wake of a crisis, the arguably much harder work begins to reassess, realign, and uplift cyber programs while also building back the trust of stakeholders.

Join Hogan Lovells partner Pete Marta and Next Peak's Co-Founder Greg Rattray for a webinar on Thursday, June 17 that will take participants through a cyber incident from response to rebuild. If you are interested in attending, please email Melissa Chance.

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