A practical guide to changing terms and conditions of employment

We are delighted to invite you to our webinar "A practical guide to changing terms and conditions of employment" taking place on Thursday 6 July 2023.

Depending on the nature of the change you want to make, altering employees’ terms and conditions of employment can be tricky. Opposition to the practice of “fire and re-hire” has grown, leading to the proposed code of practice on dismissal and re-engagement. Recent cases complicate the picture, particularly where there is a recognized union. There is an added layer of complexity if changes to pension benefits are involved.

In this webinar the Hogan Lovells UK employment and pensions teams will provide a practical guide to approaching changes to terms and conditions of employment, including:

  • Deciding whether you need employee consent;
  • Consulting employees about proposed changes and obtaining agreement;
  • Options if employee consent is not forthcoming;
  • Key issues to consider when changing pension benefits; and
  • The implications of the forthcoming statutory code of practice.
If there are any specific issues you would like us to address during the webinar, please contact Jo Broadbent.

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