Area of focus

Risk Management, Governance, and Compliance

In the information age, data isn’t just a source of value; it’s a source of risk.

You have to secure your networks and systems against internal and external threats. Support your...

Representative experience

When Bloomberg’s clients questioned the company’s privacy and security practices, we comprehensively reviewed those practices and issued a report that Bloomberg published.

We assessed Uber’s customer data privacy program and provided recommendations for enhancement.

We conducted a global data privacy compliance assessment for a global fashion retailer and counseled on implementations.

We performed a global data flow and privacy assessment for a major hospitality and hotel company.

Hogan Lovells Publications

Regulatory Insights for Life Sciences and Health Care Investments: Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Investing in the life sciences industry without an understanding of the key regulatory factors that could determine a product’s success or failure could cost you millions of dollars.

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Hogan Lovells Publications

Why companies in Mexico should reassess their compliance with data privacy protocols — and their risk of a data breach

According to the Constitution of Mexico, the protection of personal data is a fundamental right of all Mexican citizens. Under federal law, individuals also have a right to access, change,...

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Hogan Lovells Publications

Data protection and breach notification legislation strengthens across the Asia-Pacific region

In this Q&A, Hogan Lovells partner Mark Parsons discusses data privacy and cybersecurity trends and the evolution of laws and regulations in the Asia-Pacific region.

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