Representative experience

More than a dozen interstate natural gas pipelines in complying with FERC tax-related Order No. 849 by assisting each to devise a unique response strategy as well as helping to negotiate several settlements.

Natural Gas Pipeline of America in the first FERC Section 5 rate investigation in 20 years. Prepared the case, led discovery, and negotiated successful case settlement with intervenors and FERC Staff.

Lead counsel for Great Lakes Gas Transmission Limited Partnership in its first Section 4 rate case in 20 years. Provided legal and regulatory counsel to help obtain a favorable settlement for the pipeline.

A large Midwestern pipeline company as rate counsel, helped developed a comprehensive rate case strategy involving the modernization of its entire pipeline system.

ANR Pipeline Company as rate counsel in its first filed Section 4 rate case in 20 years. Provided legal and regulatory counseling, including leading a significant discovery effort, resulting in a favorable settlement.

Tuscarora Gas Transmission as lead counsel in two Section 5 rate investigations, obtaining favorable settlements in both.

Gas Transmission Northwest in several contested Section 4 rate cases at FERC (including preparation of filed and rebuttal cases; leading significant discovery effort).

The largest underground natural gas storage operator in the world, for over 25 years in all rate and tariff matters at FERC, as well as assisted with open season, rate design, and customer contracting issues.