Representative experience

Successfully appealed a decision of the ASBCA to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit involving multimillion-dollar claims for a defense contractor.

Obtained a US$50m+ settlement through mediation after a major aircraft contract was terminated.

Resolved a prime/subcontractor dispute involving two major aerospace contractors and opposing claims exceeding US$25m per side.

Successfully prosecuted claims under a logistics support contract against the Defense Logistics Agency, including a successful appeal to the Federal Circuit.

Obtained summary judgment at Court of Federal Claims to successfully resolve dispute between major university and U.S. Navy over a license to patented sonar device.

Appealed to ASBCA an award fee clawback claim asserted by DOE against contractor responsible for managing and operating one of DOE’s largest & most sensitive sites.

Defeating a subcontractor’s claim in federal district court for software licensing fees under a major Internal Revenue Service prime contract.