Start-up Lunch Berlin

ESOPs in Germany: What you need to know and what's next

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP, VSOP, VESOP) play a crucial role in attracting, retaining and motivating exceptional talent within start-ups. Almost every start-up has one.

In this session of our Start-up Lunch Series, we will discuss how ESOPs work under German law, what is common practice, and how recent regulatory developments could completely change the way ESOPs are structured in Germany.

Are all German ESOPs virtual? We will open this session with a brief summary of the status quo and market standard virtual stock option programmes in Germany. We will also discuss and share best practices at the operational level.

Going real equity? Are we finally moving away from virtual programmes and will equity-based programmes become the new market standard? Will recent regulatory initiatives allow Germany to close the gap with other global start-up ecosystems? A new bill proposed by German Finance Minister Christian Lindner could lay the groundwork for employee equity participation and could have a major impact on start-ups.

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