Digital Deep Dive - Data Act

Webinar Series on AI, Big Data & Law

You are invited to the next session of our HL Digital Deep Dive webinar series. The session takes place on Tuesday, 21 November 2023, from 10.00 to 11.00 am and will focus on the much-anticipated:

EU Data Act – Empowering Businesses in the Data Economy

In this era where data is as valuable as currency, the impending EU Data Act promises to revolutionize how data is shared, controlled, and capitalized upon. The Data Act establishes a horizontal framework for data access and use in all industries, aiming to foster fairness in the digital ecosystem while fueling innovation and trust.

Our webinar will provide valuable insights into the Data Act: How will the Data Act regulate the intricate process of data sharing among businesses and between businesses and consumers? In what ways will existing rights, contracts, and obligations be affected, especially regarding data utilization and monetization? What are the expected challenges and advantages for cloud services and data processing services under this new legislative framework?

By answering these and many more questions, we prepare you for the upcoming legal challenges and chances to leverage data as an asset as well as to comply with the new law. The session will provide you with strategic insights applicable to a wide array of fields, including data management, the Internet of Things, cloud usage, data protection, and corporate governance.

As always, the presentation will be in German, but all written documentation will be in English.

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Hogan Lovells Team

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