If I'm interested in an associate position, how do I apply?

Most of our entry-level positions are filled by our former summer associates, but that does vary from office to office, and we can often have additional hiring needs. To apply for an associate position, you should contact the specific office you’re interested in, providing your resume, law school transcript, and a letter to tell us why you want to join our firm. You can find each office’s contact details on their Location page.

What are your billable hour requirements?

Quality and a strong sense of citizenship are central to our firm’s identity, so naturally, you’ll have to meet certain expectations in order to be considered for class-level bonuses. You’ll be expected to work a productivity minimum of 2,000 annualized billable hours. If you meet 1,850, then all pro bono hours worked are counted. Associates also receive billable-hour credit for their time on high-impact, labor-intensive pro bono matters that are part of our Fellowship Program, as well as for court-appointed cases. You might also receive discretionary bonus consideration for significant achievements in legal project management, or for making an exceptional contribution to firm business and client development efforts.

Do you support flexible work arrangements for lawyers?

Everyone should have the opportunity to work in the way that most suits their lifestyle – which is why we’re building flexibility into the way we work across the business. Our agile way of working incorporates both time (flexible working) and location (remote working), dependent on the needs of our clients and the firm. Arrangements might include reduced hours expectations, flexible hours in the office, effective use of remote working or telecommuting, job sharing, a combination of the above, or a new option entirely that we’ll work out with you.

What's life really like at Hogan Lovells, from an associates’ point of view?

Gain candid insight into life at the firm from our Chambers Associate profile.

Do you have a job hotline for visually impaired applicants?

We do. Please call +1 202 637 6444 for instructions on submitting an application to any U.S. office.