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Careers in Alicante

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Working in Alicante

Our team of lawyers in Alicante, Spain, are known for intellectual property strategies that protect our clients’ current and future business objectives. We combine timely prosecution with best-in-class litigation, and regularly review our strategies to secure the best outcomes for clients.

Join us, and you will be part of an ambitious and diverse firm, providing advice that shapes industries. We thrive on inclusivity and collaboration and create opportunities for ourselves and for each other. No matter where you are in your career journey, we are committed to helping you achieve your aspirations through ongoing professional and personal development and continuous learning.


What we do

Clients with European trademarks and designs benefit from our close working relationship with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the agency responsible for managing European Union (EU) trademarks and registered designs at the EU level, which is based in Alicante.

Combining a global outlook with local knowledge, our multilingual teams have played a critical role in successfully registering more than 10,000 applications and representing 16,500 European Union trademarks and community designs in various stages.

We have defended and challenged thousands of trademarks in opposition and cancellation proceedings, and acted for clients before the European General Court, the European Court of Justice, and the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization, in Geneva.

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Students and graduates

IPMT Traineeship

We offer the opportunity to work with a legal team that consists lawyers and trade mark attorneys who, assisted by paralegals, advise major multi-national companies on brand strategies in the European Union and elsewhere and coordinate multi-jurisdictional litigation.

Our IPMT traineeships are remunerated and run between 3 and 6 months.

We entrust our trainees with various tasks related to European Union trademarks ("EUTM"), including:

  • Drafting submissions for filling in proceedings before the European Intellectual Property Office ("EUIPO"), which include opposition briefs, submissions in cancellation actions, and observations in reply to proof of use;
  • Preparing business-to-business letters, pre-opposition letters and cease, and desist letters;
  • Drafting trade mark co-existence and settlement agreements;
  • Gathering, reviewing, updating and summarizing evidence of use and use of reputation for EUTM oppositions and cancellation actions;
  • Drafting affidavits to present evidence of use and reputation in EUTM opposition and cancellation proceedings;
  • Preparing claims for reimbursement of costs incurred for proceedings before the General Court; and
  • Drafting an arbitration clause, based on the WIPO model clauses, to be used in undertakings for trade mark issues.


Junior Associates

Junior Associates have the opportunity to work directly with our clients and advise major international companies on matters related to European Union Trademark applications, oppositions, cancellations, and appeals.

As a firm, we are focused on the personal development of our employees. To help our Junior Associates launch their careers and develop, they receive valuable feedback from our lawyers and partners, the opportunity to work on various challenging tasks, meaningful assignments and pro bono projects and attend training programs. provide valuable feedback .

We seek Junior Associates who are able to communicate efficiently with our clients and support team decisions, are flexible and interested in accepting assignments, and t have the ability to manage their own time effectively.

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Experienced lawyers

Our lawyers manage highly valued global and regional trademark and design portfolios. We are known for IP strategies that combine timely prosecution with best-in-class litigation.



The first important step in your career as a lawyer in Hogan Lovells is becoming an Associate.

Our Associates focus their practice on European Union trademarks and in advising our clients on chances of success in prosecution matters and contentious proceedings.

Some of their main tasks are, coordinating filing of applications, oppositions and cancellations, including invalidity and revocation actions, research for third party rights, and drafting lists of goods and services and advising on the classification of the same.

Associates of our Alicante office have a strong working knowledge of sector terms and actively know how to apply these to clients situations. They demonstrate resilient ability to apply firm's policies and procedures and they use knowledge of specialty area to creatively identify and solve potential issues.

Senior Associates

Our Senior Associates have a good understanding of the client, the sector and the associated risks and opportunities. They increase their focus on the development of winning business, leadership and management skills, and continued technical excellence.

They are able to run and manage large client projects and to advise on all aspects of a matter. They use client relationships to identify new business opportunities while demonstrating financial and commercial awareness.

Our Senior Associates are seen as a source of advice and wisdom, being experts in their own field.

Alicante's Senior Associates have responsibility for actively managing client projects to ensure profitability, quality and strong client relationships. They constantly work to develop new client relationships.

Understanding the responsibility of giving back to our community, showing support and engagement in the firm's diversity strategy, and supporting pro bono work and volunteering activities, are also a part of Senior Associates commitment to our firm.

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Business Team and paralegals

Our Business Team is able to work under pressure, showing strong attention to detail and effectively interact and communicate with other members of the firm, clients and providers.

They are creative, confident and problem solvers and have the ability to use time efficiently, while producing work to high standards.

We can rely on the professionalism, dedication, motivation and personal skills of our Business Team and we pride ourselves in having an organization that is fully committed to the firm's values and standards.



Our paralegals provide support to our lawyers and are responsible for the whole process of the registration of trademarks and designs, oppositions, appeals, cancellations and actions before OHIM and the Courts of the EU.

Among their tasks is the coordination of searches, including conducting in-house trademark clearance searches prior filling and advice to clients on the registrability and use of trademarks. Some of their billable work is: filing the registration of trademark and design, filing actions to the EU courts, standard and ad-hoc communication with clients and third parties regarding the status and progress of matters which includes follow-up reminders.

They also have non-billable work, such as: the revision of billing guides, liaising with Compliance regarding conflicts checks, new client and matter numbers and engagement letters and checking own deadlines.

Are you exploring a career in law, seeking to elevate your career as an experienced lawyer, looking to grow your skills within our Business Team? Define your Future. Find out more about our current opportunities.

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