Mercedes Hurtado

KM Manager

I joined Hogan Lovells Knowledge Management (KM) team in 2004 in order to gain exposure and experience in this relatively new and very exciting business discipline.

I manage the department which includes the Know-How Management tool and also Library and Research functions, within a global environment.

Developing the global intranet portal in addition to managing and developing the global know how system "KM+" are the achievements of which I am most proud. They are incredibly important tools for the Madrid office as they allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to queries and fulfil clients' needs effectively. In addition communication and interrelation between other practice groups around the world has been enhanced due to the development of these systems.

What are the KM responsibilities?

From its instigation the department's growth has been driven by the ambition to allow lawyers and support staff to improve organisational efficiency and service to clients.

We provide a search and enquiry service, keeping lawyers up to date, managing information resources and providing easy access to information. The department is also responsible for managing the firm’s internal legal know-how and, increasingly, business knowledge.