Álvaro Abad


I started my professional career at Hogan Lovells in 2013, specializing in Public Law and Regulated Sectors, providing legal advice to international companies and on court cases pertaining to Environmental Law.

In my first months at Hogan Lovells I was immediately impressed by the sense of camaraderie within the firm, receiving help from colleagues not only in my department but throughout the business.

In my first year, I had the opportunity to participate in an international networking event where I had the chance to meet colleagues from other offices. It was a great learning experience whilst providing a wonderful opportunity to network across the firm.
What about working at Hogan Lovells is unique and inspiring?

Something unique about working at Hogan Lovells is the chance that we all get to do pro-bono. The ability to help others and give back to society something in return is a constant and very inspiring personal challenge.

Another unique thing about Hogan Lovells is that I have had the chance to work in International Projects since day one. Having to liaise with colleagues from our different offices all over the world has allowed me to enhance my cultural awareness and communication skills, which I believe are essential for my professional development.

One of the things I find inspiring about Hogan Lovells is that since the beginning of our careers we are given as much responsibility as we can handle. In addition, our exposure to clients comes as soon as we are ready for it. Taking on responsibility is essential for my professional development, and Hogan Lovells has given me every opportunity to do so.

Also inspiring is the fact that Hogan Lovells offers a transparent and meritocratic career path. I am constantly receiving constructive feedback from team members and partners, who make me feel extremely satisfied to work in a firm like Hogan Lovells.