Martina Di Nicola


When I joined the Corporate Department of the Milan office back in 2012 I was impressed by the pleasant and friendly environment. My new colleagues welcomed me warmly and I felt immediately as part of a team. Not only I met extremely skilled and bright professionals, but also nice and quality people to work with, which I think is significantly important when you spend most of the day at your working place.

Hogan Lovells also gave me the opportunity to grow as a lawyer and to enhance my professional skills. Having the chance to be part of several projects and transactions, both domestic and international, and to liaise with colleagues from other jurisdictions, enriched my professional background and provided me with a broader and deeper knowledge of the different legal systems. The direct interaction with different and valuable clients also allowed me to expand my professional capabilities and to gain more and more responsibility and autonomy, providing a smooth and seamless growing path. Finally, the Firm also focuses on the development of soft skills, offering training on subjects as diverse as negotiation, conflict management, public speech and leadership skills such as delegating, motivating and giving feedback: this training program allows our professionals to develop as complete lawyers, acquiring the instruments to manage any problems they may have to face during their career, and to perform well even under pressure.

All in all, I think that Hogan Lovells is a well-balanced working place which presents its lawyers with inspiring challenges in a friendly and inclusive, but always professional, environment. The firm values the contribution of each team member, from partners to trainees, from staff members to lawyers and this contributes in making Hogan Lovells an enjoyable place to work. It is definitely not a case that a significant number of lawyers decide to spend most part of their career with the firm.