Spectrum Auctions Are Back: What You Need to Know

On January 22, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held the first auction of spectrum since 2008. Most critically, the FCC's auction of what is known as the 1900 MHz PCS "H Block" signaled the unofficial start of the agency's most ambitious era yet of selling the public’s airwaves to the highest bidder.

Following the H Block auction, the FCC later this year will auction off another 25 MHz of spectrum called AWS-3. Then, in 2015, the commission will hold the first-ever incentive auction of spectrum, in which TV broadcasters will sell their spectrum back to the FCC, which will in turn sell it to wireless carriers led by Verizon Wireless, AT&T Inc., Sprint Nextel Corp., and T-Mobile USA Inc. All the while, the FCC will be working closely with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to enable the sharing of spectrum between federal government agencies and commercial users of spectrum, such as the wireless carriers.

Attend this webinar to hear leading experts on spectrum policy analyze the results of the H Block auction and discuss its potential effects to the FCC's spectrum policy broadly and also the wireless and high-tech industries.

Educational Objectives:

  • Receive a detailed explanation of the FCC's 1900 MHz PCS "H Block" auction.
  • Hear an analysis of the H Block auction results—who were the big winners and how will their wins affect the FCC's subsequent auctions—the AWS-3 auction and incentive auction—and spectrum aggregation policy generally.
  • Learn about the potential effects of the H Block to the wireless and high-tech industries.
  • Understand the state of play at the FCC with regard to spectrum.

Who would benefit most from attending this program?

Counsel advising communications and broadcasting companies; professionals involved in media ownership and regulation; intellectual property practitioners.

Program Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: A general understanding of current telecommunications issues.
CPE Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based Live
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge and Applications
Recommended CPE Credit: 1.5 credits
Anticipated CLE Credit: 1.5 credits (may vary based on from which jurisdiction requested)

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