Monetizing IP in your M&A transactions - Beijing

While IP makes up a high percentage of Enterprise Value (if not the majority in some industries!), it is often not given the appropriate level of consideration in an M&A transaction. The issues of economic vs. legal ownership, effectiveness of provisions in licenses and assignments to protect brand equity, importance of IP due diligence in acquisitions, valuation of IP assets in relation to transfer pricing rules, etc., only gets a fraction of attention while it can significantly impact business strategies.

During this seminar, our speakers from the U.S., Germany, and China will take you through the most pressing issues and current topics surrounding IP strategy and planning in the context of M&A transactions including:

  • Journey from west to east: IP transaction case study
  • Impact of GDPR on IP and IP transactions in Asia – key considerations when drafting agreements
  • What you don't know about trade secrets may hurt you 
  • Transfer pricing for IP and other intangible assets – optimizing your transaction structuring and benefitting from tax and innovation incentives

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