Hogan Lovells Life Sciences Summit 2018

Dr Adam Rutherford, Geneticist and presenter of the flagship science programme on BBC Radio 4, Inside Science (learn more), will be joined by:

Ian Hiscock, Head IP Oncology at Novartis Pharma AG (learn more)

Nigel Keohane, Research Director at the Social Market Foundation

Adam Golden, Partner at Hogan Lovells (learn more)

We will be hosting a series of short sessions to keep you ahead of the latest developments in the industry. Topics will include the following.

Advances in cell, tissue and gene therapies

Kymriah® is the first in class therapy that takes a patient's own immune cells and genetically modifies them to treat the patient's cancer. Ian Hiscock (Head IP Oncology, Novartis) will join Dr Adam Rutherford (Geneticist and Presenter of Inside Science, the flagship science programme on BBC Radio 4) and Dr Rachel Gribben (Senior Scientist in the Hogan Lovells in-house Science Unit) to discuss the technology behind Novartis' breakthrough treatment and how it works. They will also look at where things may be heading next in this exciting, rapidly advancing area of treatment.

In addition, Adam Golden (Head of the Hogan Lovells Corporate Practice Group in New York) who has led many of the market leading transactions in this field, will join us to discuss the latest commercial trends and market developments for businesses to look out for.

The drugs don't work (well, not always): outcomes-based payment

If a medicine or medical device only works for some patients, how should it be paid for? How should we pay for a medicine when we are uncertain whether or not it will work? Should the NHS pay only for the cases where it works or should it pay whatever happens? There are voices on the supplier and payer side promoting a switch to more outcomes-based payment. We will discuss what this approach means in practice. What is success? How do you determine it? Should we be looking to predict responders? What are the wider implications for areas like diagnostics and digital health? Nigel Keohane (Research Director at the Social Market Foundation) will join Jane Summerfield of our Commercial and Regulatory team to discuss these issues.

Trade talk

How will the UK's trading relationship post-Brexit impact the life sciences sector? What are the practical implications of the UK's current "max fac" and "customs union" proposals or the WTO option? How would they impact your business and what should you be doing to prepare?

Aline Doussin (International Trade and Investment Partner) will talk through these important topics.

The Summit will last for around two hours and will be followed by networking drinks and canapés.

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