3D Printing in Life Sciences: Navigating Pitfalls with an Emerging Technology

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a rapidly developing technology that has already found numerous applications in the life sciences industry. In particular, 3D printing technology has allowed for advancement and customization of both medical devices and medicinal products.  It is also impacting the traditional chain of development and production of life sciences products.

These changes bring with them a broad spectrum of implications for cutting-edge legal issues – impacting  intellectual property, government regulation and enforcement, and product liability.  
This webinar, given by Phoebe Wilkinson, Arlene Chow, and Samuel Zimmerman (New York), Stephen Loney and Kelliann Payne (Philadelphia), and Fabien Roy (Brussels), will cover the following topics:

•Intellectual property issues relating to copyrightable and trade secret CAD files, patent eligibility and the assertion of patent infringement, as well as suggested strategies moving forward
•Status of current regulation of 3D printed devices and medicinal products in the U.S. and EU, proposals for new regulation, and regulatory challenges posed moving forward
•Potential for U.S. government investigations and enforcement actions, including false claims and misbranding, oversight over the manufacturing process, and product adulteration
•How traditional product liability law applies to 3D printing, and managing new product liability issues created by the technology
•Questions and answers    

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