Coronavirus: Employment Law Implications in Germany


The coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19 is disrupting global business activity and public life on a massive and growing scale. Recently, the German government has imposed severe measures which affect day-to-day life in Germany to a great extent.
Since no one knows how long these disruptions will last, or how many people will ultimately be affected by COVID-19 in the working environment, companies are currently facing a number of extraordinary legal issues.

A variety of questions is triggered, inter alia:

  • What obligations do German employers have with regard to health protection?
  • How must employers deal with employees confirmed or suspected to be infected?
  • How to deal with business trips and work from home?
  • Under which circumstances can employees refuse to come to work?
  • What are an employee's rights and obligations in view of closed nurseries and schools?
  • When can/must an office be closed and what happens in this case? Can employees be instructed to perform short-time work? Under which circumstances can employers ask for state aid? Under which circumstances does the works council have to be involved?
In our webinar we will answer the most pressing questions with regard to the current situation in Germany.

If you are interested, please register via this link.

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