WTO IP rights: The future of products combating COVID-19

The Biden Administration recently announced that it would support the request for a World Trade Organization (WTO) waiver of intellectual property (IP) rights under the WTO Agreement on...

What biotech employers need to know about COVID vaccines and returning to the office

Members of Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) are invited to join us for a webinar to discuss corporate planning for returning employees back to physical in-office work. John...

Managing supply chain disruptions: Lessons learned in an unstable world

Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons virtual event series

The fast pace of innovation in the life sciences and health care industry has reached an all-time high in 2020 as the industry ...

2021 Biotech Showcase

Alice Valder Curran, Jodi Scott, and Jon Layman will present at the Biotech Showcase.

Demy-Colton Virtual Salon Series: How U.S. Policy and Trends Will Shape Healthcare in 2021

Elizabeth Halpern moderated the "How U.S. Policy and Trends Will Shape Healthcare in 2021" session of the Demy-Colton Virtual Salon Series.

2020 Midyear Clinical Meeting - American Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Beth Roberts presented during the "2021: Upheavals in Drug Payment, Drug Pricing, and More!" session at the 2020 Midyear Clinical Meeting.

Pantheon 2020 - California Life Sciences Association

Beth Roberts, Robert Church, and Elizabeth Halpern presented at Pantheon 2020.

FDA Regulation of Digital Health and Recent Medicare Updates

Melissa Bianchi, Jodi Scott, Victoria Wallace, and Michael Kasser presented the Medical Device Manufacturers Association's member-only webinar titled "FDA Regulation of Digital Health and...

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