Influencer Snapshot webinar series: Influencers around the world

On Thursday, 24 September we held the second webinar in our new series about what consumer-facing companies need to know when partnering with social media influencers to promote products and services online.

The series is based on Influencer Snapshot, an interactive guide to help you partner with influencers.

This session focused on the regulatory issues and challenges companies face when partnering with influencers in various jurisdictions, including the UK, Italy, China, and the U.S. Please see below for the program agenda:

Influencers in the UK

Josefine Crona explored recent cautionary tales that demonstrate the importance of transparency and trust to the UK consumer, how this requirement for trust has translated into the regulatory framework, and how brand owners can protect themselves against the risks posed to their reputation by a breach of trust.

Influencers in Italy

Italy is the homeland of worldwide known influencers and a leading country in the fashion industry – the first industry to use social media marketing. Luigi Mansani and Maria Luigia Franceschelli explored how influencer marketing is regulated under Italian law, focusing on the most relevant cases addressed by Italian Courts and the Advertising Self-Regulatory Body.

Influencers in China

China is one of the Asian jurisdictions where social media influencing is of critical importance, as it has one of the highest rates of social media usage. Research shows that more than 70 percent of China's 250 million people ages 18 to 20 are willing to use social media to purchase products and services. Grace Guo discussed the China laws regulating social influencer activities and what companies need to know when engaging social influencers for advertising purpose.

Influencers in the U.S.

Consumers have tasked the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with applying established norms of consumer protection to the fast-paced world of social media. Steve Steinborn discussed how brands must understand the FTC's basic principles governing deceptive advertising and how they must carefully monitor and understand FTC's enforcement of influencers.

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