COVID-19 Webinar: Considerations for the Food and Agriculture Sector When Testing Employees for Coronavirus

Many employers in the food and agriculture sector are considering testing employees for COVID-19. Whether the testing is to identify potentially infected workers or to determine who may have recovered, employee testing plans raise legal and practical questions including whether testing is permissible, what kind of test to select, who should conduct it, who will pay for it, who can get the results and how the information should be protected.

Join Hogan Lovells on Thursday, May 14 to learn how employers evaluate these issues from our leading attorneys in medical device diagnostics, health care, employment law, and privacy.

Program topics will include:

  • Can an employer test employees ?
  • What are the different kinds of testing available?
  • Which test should an employer select?
  • Where should the testing be performed?
  • Which employees should the employer test?
  • How does an employer perform the test?
  • Who may receive the test results and what privacy requirements apply?

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