Youth Unemployment

Counsel Silvia Tomassone has taken on the responsibility to support a young woman in getting a foothold in the German labour market.

Counsel Silvia Tomassone (formerly Lang) has accepted the role as a mentor to support a young lady in gaining a foothold in the German labour market. Due to a number of personal and family problems, Lara has already dropped out of three apprenticeships. This is her last chance to identify her own pathway and develop the discipline to last through the apprenticeship training without giving up at the first hurdle. 

For Silvia, choosing a career she loves and pursuing a plan until its successful completion is second nature. There is a lot Lara can learn from her. But quickly Silvia discovers that she can also learn things from courageous, free-spirited, artistically minded Lara who lives in the moment and looks to her uncertain future in a surprisingly relaxed way.

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