Industry Adoption of Crypto and Digital Assets Conference


The Frankfurt roundtable will open with a keynote speech by David Ballaschk, German Central Bank, about the "Digital Euro" followed by a moderated roundtable discussion among the German participants.

After a break, we will join the Panel Discussion hosted by our London office starting at 16.00 CET – together with participants from other local discussions that are taking place in Brussels, New York, Paris and Rome in parallel to our preceding discussion among German participants.

Through a sequence of a moderated discussion among German participants, parallel discussions in other locations and a subsequent panel discussion with industry experts,  the Conference intends to provide an up to date picture of regulatory priorities – as well as the challenges and opportunities that this implies for the cryto-asset industry.

We will host the Conference together with Global Digital Finance which supports the development of an adequate regulatory framework  for crypto assets – in support of all market participants who intend to issue, trade, curate or provide other service for crypto assets.

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