Digital Deep Dive

AI Governance in the Financial Industry

You are invited to the next session of our exciting new series HL Digital Deep Dive!

We will look deeper into the way financial institutions, FinTechs and other service providers for the financial industry need to go about the governance of their AI systems. How does the risk deriving from an AI enhanced investment recommendation need to be managed? How does the documentation need to look like and how robust does the system need to be? These and many related questions will be answered with a view to the legal situation to date as well as the changes ahead under the sway of upcoming EU laws, such as the AI Act, AI liability Directive as well as the Regulation on Digital Resilience in the Financial Industry, DORA. We will also shed some light on the position taken by the various oversight bodies in Germany and the EU, including BaFin, the European Banking Authority as well as the European Securities and Markets Authority. As always, the presentation will be in German but all written documentation in English.

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