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No fly zone: FCC proposes US$2.8 million penalty for marketing non-compliant drone AV accessories

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to bring a US$2.8 million penalty against HobbyKing for marketing drone-attachable audio/video (AV) transmitters that operate on...

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Best practices for making a drone waiver safety case to the U.S. FAA

Companies in a range of industries — from real estate, to agriculture, to Hollywood film production and beyond — are using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to improve operations...

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Trump administration announces first round of UAS Integration Pilot Program Participants

In a major development for the commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or drone) industry, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, announced the first round of participants in the...

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Artificial Intelligence and your business: A guide for navigating the legal, policy, commercial, and strategic challenges ahead

Virtually all industries are being reshaped with the use of Artificial Intelligence and advanced machine-learning.

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Controversial UAS remote ID and tracking ARC report published by FAA

Last year, for the first time, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) broadly authorized commercial drones here in the United States. Since that time, the commercial drone industry has...

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Controversial UAS Remote ID and Tracking ARC Report Published By FAA Yesterday

Last year, for the first time, the FAA broadly authorized commercial drones here in the United States. Since that time, the commercial drone industry has grown to a level few could have...

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White House unveils new Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Program

This week, the White House announced a new pilot program to further integrate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS or drones) into the National Airspace System (NAS) and to enable development of...

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Hogan Lovells assists CNN to win important precedent-setting Federal Aviation Administration waiver

On 17 October 2017, CNN was awarded a precedent-setting waiver from Part 107 to operate drones (or unmanned aircraft systems) safely over people.

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