Global Media and Communications Quarterly: Featuring Highlights from the Winnik International Telecoms and Internet Forum 2013

This issue of the Global Media and Communications Quarterly examines the wireless broadband market and its implications for global business.

Topics in this newsletter include:

  • Winnik Forum: Infrastructure Solutions to the Wireless Data Crunch
  • Winnik Forum: International Spectrum Policy Developments
  • Winnik Forum: Technology, Media and Telecommunications M&A: Global Update
  • Winnik Forum: Protecting Intellectual Property in a Time of Technological Change
  • Winnik Forum: The Challenge of Patent Trolls
  • Winnik Forum: A Trans-Atlantic Dialogue: U.S.-E.U. Free Trade Agreement Negotiations
  • International Data Privacy - Delusions of Adequacy. A Critical Assessment of Cross-border E.U.-U.S. Data Transfers
  • Can U.S. Attorneys Provide Privileged Advice in Europe?
  • Singapore announces new licence for online news sites
  • Take down, stay down: Paris Court of Appeal confirms hosting providers have no general monitoring obligation
  • Germany: Inspection of source code -Federal Supreme Court renders decision in favor of copyright holder
  • Hosted Satellite Payload Procurement: A Brief 'How-To' Guide
  • Guest article: The Economics of Spectrum Sharing



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