13th Annual Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Institute Conference

Hogan Lovells partner Lucky Vidmar is speaking at the 13th Annual Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Institute conference taking place in Denver on 28 May 2015. The conference is focused on the new realities of protecting innovation, the rise of data security and privacy breaches and liability, and how social media and Big Data are affecting the way you practice. Four simultaneous tracks of sessions, led by practice and thought leaders nationwide, will examine how IP, tech, and transactional law have changed and may impact the advice you give clients about protecting their innovations, commercializing those innovations through licensing or funding or selling their enterprises.

Lucky is a speaker and participating on the panel entitled: After the Troll Wars – How Should Innovators Protect Their IP in Light of the Fallout?

Patents have been under constant pressure for almost a decade. Injunctions, obviousness, patent eligibility, damages calculations, and litigation processes have undergone massive change. New patent office procedures further change the value of patents. Do the old strategies make sense in this new world? Are there new strategies to protect IP that make more sense?

To learn more about this event, please visit: http://cle.cobar.org/Seminars/Event-Info/sessionaltcd/IP052815L

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