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Adrian Emch
Partner, Beijing
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Adrian Emch is a specialist in competition/antitrust law. Adrian has broad experience in all aspects of competition law, including merger control, multi-jurisdictional merger filings, cartel investigations and antitrust counselling.

Adrian is a lecturer of competition law and member of the faculty at Peking University's Law School.

Prior to joining Hogan Lovells, Adrian completed an internship with the Directorate-General of Competition at the European Commission (DG COMP) and was in private practice in Brussels and Beijing in the field of competition law.

  • Adrian led Hogan Lovells' China antitrust team to assist IBM in two transactions, through which the company sold its x86 server business (to Lenovo) and semiconductor assets (to Global Foundries). He provided strategic advice on the deals from a global perspective, and assisted in the preparation and process for the MOFCOM merger filings to secure fast antitrust clearance in both transactions.
  • Supporting multinational conglomerate ALSTOM in the EUR 12 billion sale of its energy business to General Electric, Adrian led the China merger control team on the seller side, ultimately enabling General Electric to obtain MOFCOM merger clearance in a swift and efficient way.
  • Adrian assisted German chemicals maker BASF with the Chinese merger filing for the company's EUR 3.1 billion acquisition of rival Cognis. With his team, Adrian helped prepare the complex merger filing, with a large number of affected relevant markets, and supported BASF throughout the MOFCOM process. Adrian's work contributed to BASF securing unconditional clearance in China, while the European Commission imposed conditions to its approval.
  • With his team in Beijing and Hong Kong, Adrian has been involved in several non-merger investigations by antitrust authorities in Greater China.

Hogan Lovells Publications
23 December 2015 "Chinese pharma company fined for refusal to supply downstream competitors."

07 December 2015 "International Merger Control Remedy Coordination in Action: Conditional Approvals Granted in U.S., EU, and China for Merger Between NXP and Freescale Based on Same Remedy." Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation Alert, Hogan Lovells

18 November 2015 "One month to go - Hong Kong Judiciary issues practice directions for Competition Tribunal."

13 November 2015 "Most recent Chinese 'ad block' judgment affirms ad-based revenue model for Internet businesses." Hogan Lovells, Hogan Lovells

02 November 2015 "Exempted or Excluded from the Competition Ordinance?", Hogan Lovells

16 October 2015 "China cracks down on failure to file reportable M&A deals."

Autumn 2015 "Leveraged Finance Update from Hogan Lovells."

01 September 2015 "Antitrust in China's pharma sector – Bengbu action following big-bang reform."

17 July 2015 "Hong Kong's new competition regime to be fully effective on 14 December 2015.", Hogan Lovells

24 June 2015 "E-commerce liberalization in China: State Council and MIIT push forward."

22 April 2015 "SAIC enacts IPR abuse regulation."

08 April 2015 "Chinese corporate transactions under EU merger control rules."

26 February 2015 "Government gazettes subsidiary legislation for Hong Kong Competition Ordinance.", Hogan Lovells

05 January 2015 "The New MOFCOM Remedies Regulation – A Step in the Right Direction?" Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation Alert, Hogan Lovells

10 December 2014 "MOFCOM makes public for the first time decisions finding violations of merger control rules."

7 November 2014 "Standard essential patents – navigating antitrust and patent law issues in licensing negotiations."

15 October 2014 "TMT Developments in China - TMT China Brief - Fall 2014."

10 October 2014 "Bring on the competition – Hong Kong Competition Commission publishes draft guidelines.", Hogan Lovells

16 September 2014 "Draft Amendments to China’s Administrative Litigation Law – Slowly Moving Towards Greater Rights for Market Participants?"

15 August 2014 "SAFE Issues Revamped Rules on Round-Tripping Investments by PRC Residents.", Hogan Lovells

04 June 2014 "Guidelines to the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance: the Commission invites stakeholders' views.", Hogan Lovells

12 May 2014 "Competition law implementation approaches in Hong Kong.", Hogan Lovells

21 April 2014 "Streamlining the Chinese merger control process - further implementing rules issued.", Hogan Lovells

27 March 2014 "Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation Alert: New EU antitrust rules for technology transfer agreements.", Hogan Lovells

24 March 2014 "MOFCOM Signals Merger Policy Shift, With New 'Carrots and Sticks'.", Hogan Lovells LLP

30 January 2014 "China announces significant amendments to the PRC Company Law: but what is in it for foreign investors?"

18 October 2013 "NDRC Takes Aim at Anti-Competitive Practices in the Tourism Industry.", Hoganlovells

17 September 2013 "NDRC's Antitrust Crackdown Continues and its Scope Broadens."

12 September 2013 "Internet of Things: Innovation with Chinese Characteristics."

03 June 2013 "Will the Merger of SARFT and GAPP End The Turf War Over Control over the Internet?" Corporate China Alert, Hogan Lovells

14 May 2013 "Antitrust Enforcement Against Abuse of IPRs and Anti-Competitive Conduct in the High Technology Sector - An Update from China." ACER Alert, Hogan Lovells

09 May 2013 "Recent Developments in Chinese Merger Control - MOFCOM Shifts up a Gear.", Hogan Lovells

06 March 2013 "Antitrust Hangover in the Liquor Industry – Chinese White Liquor Producers Fined for Setting Distributors' Resale Prices." China Alert, Hogan Lovells

18 February 2013 "Chinese SOE unable to extricate itself from US antitrust litigation against vitamin C exporters." China Alert, Hogan Lovells

01 February 2013 "Antitrust Issues Continue Flaring up in China's IT Sector." ACER China Alert, Hogan Lovells

07 January 2013 "Chinese Cartel Busters Impose Record Fines on Foreign LCD Makers.", Hogan Lovells

29 November 2012 "Slowly but Surely: Building the Structure for Hong Kong's Competition Law."

16 November 2012 "MOFCOM releases details of unconditional clearance decisions since 2008." ACER Alert, Hogan Lovells

28 September 2012 "EU and China Sign Agreement to Deepen Antitrust Cooperation." Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation Alert, Hogan Lovells

10 September 2012 "Draft Issued for Solicitation of Comments to Revise the State Council Regulations on Internet Information Services." China Newsletter, Hogan Lovells

25 July 2012 "ACER Alert: Hong Kong Enacts Competition Law."

13 June 2012 "China Alert-New Filing Form to Increase Burden in Chinese Merger Control Process.", Hogan Lovells

March 2012 "New law on internet services addressing competition and personal information protection." China Alert, Hogan Lovells

19 January 2012 "MOFCOM Gets Serious About Unreported M&A Transactions.", Hogan Lovells LLP

08 December 2011 "Life Sciences Antitrust and Competition Newsletter." Life Sciences: Competition & Antitrust Alert, Issue 18, Hogan Lovells

29 November 2011 "Strong Medicine for Law Breakers - NDRC's First Antitrust Action in the Pharmaceutical Sector under the Anti-Monopoly Law.", Hogan Lovells

18 November 2011 "Three “Firsts” – China’s Merger Control Process Is Moving On.", Hogan Lovells

07 November 2011 "MOFCOM Imposes Divestiture Obligation in Its Approval of Private Equity Transaction.", Hogan Lovells

06 September 2011 "China Alert-MOFCOM Issues Final Procedures for National Security Review and Significantly Expands the Scope of Review.", Hogan Lovells

28 July 2011 "U.S. and Chinese antitrust agencies sign memorandum of understanding to enhance cooperation." Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation Alert, Hogan Lovells

23 June 2011 "Hogan Lovells Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation Alert, China - June 2011.", Hogan Lovells

14 March 2011 "MOFCOM releases implementing rules on national security review.", Hogan Lovells

25 February 2011 "China's New National Security Review Procedures for Mergers and Acquisitions Involving Foreign Investors: A New Hurdle for Foreign Investors or China Just Putting Existing Practice To Paper?" China Alert, Hogan Lovells

12 January 2011 "Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation E-alert - China: Newly Enacted NDRC and SAIC Rules May Usher In New Anti-Monopoly Enforcement Phase." Antitrust, Competition, and Economic Regulation Alert, Hogan Lovells

15 December 2010 "China Corporate Alert - China liberalizes foreign investment in medical services sector.", Hogan Lovells

02 December 2010 "Life Sciences: Competition and Antitrust Newsletter, Issue 17.", Hogan Lovells

Published Works
01 October 2014 "Fair Game - Competition law and the increasing cost of doing business in China." EURObiz

20 January 2014 "China's Antitrust Enforcement Gets Aggressive." American Lawyer

22 November 2013 "NDRC Actions Show Broadened Scope of Antitrust Enforcement in China." Bloomberg BNA - Antitrust & Trade Regulation Report

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13 October 2010 "Antitrust rules and standard setting; a new dawn in China?" Intellectual Property Magazine

09 September 2010 "MOFCOM's Stance On Novartis/Alcon." Law360, Portfolio Media, Inc.

May 2010 "China's cartel-buster flexes it's muscles.", Asian Counsel magazine

01 October 2015
The Global Antitrust Corner – Circumnavigating the Merger Control World

29 September 2015
9th Annual Global Antitrust Enforcement Symposium

Antitrust, Competition and Economic Regulation
LL.M., Tulane University Law School, 2004 LL.M., College of Europe, 2001 LL.B., Universidad CEU San Pablo, 2000 LL.B., University of Bordeaux, 2000
  • Founding member of Swiss Fulbright Alumni Association
  • Member of faculty, Peking University's Law School
  • Editorial Board of Competition Law International (IBA Journal)
  • Editorial Advisory Board of CPI Antitrust Chronicle
  • ILO Client Choice 2012 (Competition China)
  • Chambers China Competition/Antitrust
  • The International Who’s Who of Competition Lawyers & Economists 2012
  • The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers 2012
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