Mind the gap: an assessment of unmet legal need in London

A survey of MPs' surgeries

Through our pro bono work at Hogan Lovells we are aware it is becoming increasingly difficult to find referral resources for some areas of law, in London. We were also receiving a high volume of direct referrals relating to areas of law we do not currently cover as part of our access to justice programme.

The aim of this report was to:

  • assess current access to justice issues in London;
  • discover the main areas of the law where access to justice issues occur;
  • help inform future decision making at a policy level; and
  • provide evidence to assist with allocation of future pro bono and financial resource.

MPs have a unique insight into legal issues facing their constituents throughout London. According to a report by Young Legal Aid Lawyers, Nowhere else to turn: The impact of legal aid cuts on MPs’ ability to help their constituents (March 2012):

Constituents frequently turn to MPs as a last resort when they have been unable to resolve their legal problems. As a result, MPs devote a significant amount of their time and resources to assisting their constituents in resolving their problems.

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