FDA Releases Draft Guidance regarding the Low Calorie Sweetener – Allulose

Last week, the FDA released a draft guidance regarding the low calorie sweetener, allulose, and stated the agency will not treat this ingredient as contributing to total or added sugars content in the nutrition information.

In particular, FDA announced that it will exercise enforcement discretion to allow (1) the exclusion of allulose from the “total sugars” and “added sugars” declarations in the Nutrition Facts Panel, and (2) the use of a general factor of 0.4 calories per gram allulose when determining the caloric contribution of allulose.  FDA will continue to view allulose as a carbohydrate that must be included in the declaration of Total Carbohydrates.  FDA’s determination is based on the agency’s review of information and data submitted in several citizen petitions regarding allulose, as well as FDA’s independent review of the scientific evidence related to allulose and metabolism, caloric value, and dental caries.  FDA states it will exercise enforcement discretion as described above pending the agency’s further review of these issues through rulemaking.  This enforcement discretion applies to both conventional foods and dietary supplements containing allulose.

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