Broader than Brexit podcast series

Businesses around the world are assessing the potential impact of socio-economic and political uncertainty. This climate will influence their operations and the commercial and investment opportunities open to them. It is Broader than Brexit. In our Broader than Brexit series we bring you insights from our team, working at the intersection of business, government, politics, regulation and law. Helping you to navigate the uncertainty ahead.

Broader than Brexit: National Security – a widening concept in a protectionist world?

In this episode we are joined by Susan Bright (Competition Partner, London), Aline Doussin (International Trade Partner, London) and Lourdes Catrain (International Trade Partner, Brussels) to talk about the interpretation of a "national security" notion under World Trade Organisation rules.

  • What does the term "trade war" mean as a point of international trade?
  • Why have the rules governing when security interests prevail over trade interests – and when they do not – recently come into focus for members of the WTO?
  • What's the single biggest risk resulting from deploying a national security justification in the field of trade?
  • What does this mean for future trade relations between the US, the EU and the UK?

Broader than Brexit: The role of business in policy formation

In this episode we are joined by Robert Gardener (Government Relations Director, London), Charles Brasted (Public Law and Policy Partner, London) and Bob Kyle (Global Regulatory Partner, Washington) to talk about the role of business in policy formation:

  • Do the developments in UK / EU relations necessitate greater private sector input?
  • How does private sector and public sector interaction work in the US?
  • What are the opportunities for our clients to engage in those conversations now in the UK? Why should they be engaging?

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