Hogan Lovells join Cisco on unique pro bono collaboration to assist and advise young people

Press releases | 14 March 2023

On 6 March, representatives of Hogan Lovells and Cisco met to kick off a unique pro bono collaboration to assist and advise young people.

Led by Cisco’s EMEA GC, Annick De Waele, and Principal Corporate Counsel, Kedian Goode, and Akima Paul Lambert, Litigation Partner at Hogan Lovells the project builds on the existing partnership between Hogan Lovells and Kids in Need of Defence UK ( led over the past few years by Nick Heaton and Gill McGreevy and which includes Hogan Lovell’s Belonging offering which provides pro bono support to EU nationals). This collaboration sits squarely within Cisco’s purpose of “Powering an inclusive future for All”.

There are 215,000 young people in the UK who are eligible for British nationality. As part of its EMEA Pro Bono Program, Cisco will join Hogan Lovells’ established programme to build the evidence base to secure British nationality under the routes available under the British Nationality Act 1981.

On 6 March, we were joined by the Cisco’s EMEA General Counsel, who had travelled from Brussels, and over 20 Cisco lawyers from various legal functions across Cisco, in person, and on line, in Atlantic House. They met members of the Hogan Lovells team for the kick-off training from KiND UK. This marks the start of a programme to secure nationality for many young people who are eligible, but not able, to navigate the relevant rules.

Annick De Waele, Cisco’s EMEA GC, said “We are so excited about this collaboration with Hogan Lovell’s and KiND to help undocumented children in the UK. We are so grateful for the warm welcome and the great training session. The team is truly enthusiastic and we look forward to taking this to the next stage. “

Thanks for the continuing support of Adela Komorowska, Rhian Lewis, Simon Grimshaw, Paula Inglis, Nicholas Heaton, Gill McGreevy and Yasmin Waljee and all the Cisco Pro Bono Ambassadors. We are also grateful to Cisco’s leadership for joining forces with us. We look forward to our collaboration with Cisco’s EMEA legal team to provide the legal support needed to help as many eligible young people as we can across the UK.