Does your Business have Social Value? The changing world of public procurement

In the UK “Government spends £284 billion a year on buying goods and services from external suppliers. This amounts to around a third of all public expenditure. The money is spent on everything from goods such as stationery and medicine, through to the construction of schools and roads, the daily delivery of back-office functions such as information technology and human resources, and front-line services such as probation and social care.”

The Government has now launched a new evaluation model designed to ensure that public contracts deliver social value by requiring at least 10% of the evaluation to be assigned to how the bidder furthers social value. Given that a large portion of tenders are won and lost on percentage point differences between bids, this will need serious consideration by all bidders. 

This model, set out in Procurement Policy Note (“PPN”) 06/20, will apply from 1 January 2021. It will capture the vast majority of new public contracts - irrespective of size or type.

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