Economic Recovery & Competitiveness

Economic Recovery & Competitiveness







Brexit and a global pandemic have accelerated the need for the UK to define its own response to these challenges and its path to global competitiveness. That means reshaping the way the UK economy operates, the way the UK regulates business and the way it deals with the rest of the world.

The 2020s are a decade of unique opportunity for business in the UK.

We have identified three key forces that, individually and together, will drive change for the UK and for business success. These are:

•  Economic recovery and global competitiveness: how the UK will recover from the impact of COVID-19 and develop a distinctive trade, tax and regulatory regime that makes it an attractive place to invest and do business

•  ESG: how UK Government and business together establish an eco-system where people, commerce and planet prosper in a way that is sustainable for the future

•  Digitalisation: how the UK can be a leader in the development, application and use of digital technologies and data to help drive a thriving economy while protecting society at large by ensuring the resilience and integrity of those technologies.




How we can help

Our UK2030 programme will help you to mitigate the risks presented by these challenges, and to capitalise on the opportunities presented.

To succeed, organisations will need to:

•  Understand the forces that shape their environment, how the UK needs to respond and, crucially, the political expediencies driving and presenting the response to those challenges;

•  Engage effectively with government and society to help shape the UK environment for business consistent with a sustainable policy response to these forces and

•  Act through corporate strategies, structures, and investments to seize the opportunities that environment offers.

In UK2030, Hogan Lovells brings together insights into the underlying global challenges, the ability to help you shape the UK's response and expertise in designing and implementing the right corporate strategies and structures.

Understand and engage



We can help you to understand and respond to the forces that will drive change by:

•  providing political and policy intelligence that is based on first-hand experience of working inside the centre of government, a deep understanding of your sector and of the balance policy makers need to strike between political and economic priorities; and

•  providing thought leadership based on our broad experience across all regulated sectors and globally that spots convergences and differences and shares valuable lessons.

That means helping you both to understand the business environment today and also take a strategic view on how it could develop and what impact that could have on your future business.


We can help you to engage effectively with the parts of government departments, regulators and legislators that will shape the policy and regulatory environment in which you operate. Sharing your insights, we can use our legal, regulatory and governmental expertise to help you to understand where the policy is being developed within government, what priorities government needs to show, and then to develop and deliver solutions that meet these priorities, and to demonstrate that they do so.

At a time of acute challenge and change, policy and legislation decisions are being made rapidly, informally and with little consultation or scrutiny. It is critical to know the right question to ask the government, and to do so swiftly and within a trusted and respected relationship. It is also important to be able to do this with a credible understanding of the relevant law and regulatory position, part of which will include laying the groundwork for challenge as the ultimate tool for putting pressure on good decision-making.


Acting means making and implementing the right decisions on engagement with, and operation and investment in, the UK market.

That means identifying and implementing the investments, business models and deal structures which take advantage of the new opportunities, and manage the new challenges, associated with the UK market.

By understanding how corporate strategies and structures link with the regulatory and business environment we can help you to both design and put into practice your response through corporate and commercial structures and associated transactions.

Connect today

Our UK2030 programme will evolve over time, offering new useful content and tools to support your decision making – please use this hub as a valuable resource and sign up to receive tailored alerts via Engage. Please select Global Market Issues.


We are ready to help today.  If you would like to start a conversation about your business planning or any specific investment, transaction or commercial activity, then please contact us: [email protected]