M&A Boot Camp training series

Hogan Lovells hosted a multi-part introductory M&A legal training series for law students, junior lawyers, junior bankers, and junior corporate development professionals.

The series was a mix of live interactive webcasts and on-demand modules offering an intensive but basic introduction to the legal aspects of the M&A world. It provides a foundation in M&A terminology, deal structure, key acquisition agreement provisions (focusing primarily on acquisitions of privately held businesses), due diligence, and more.

The course was taught by Hogan Lovells’ market-leading Silicon Valley M&A team of Rick Climan, Keith Flaum, Jane Ross, and Chris Moore. View an overview of the Silicon Valley M&A Partner team.


- Introductory webcast  
- On-demand session 1:  Introduction to M&A

  • Required reading before viewing session 1: M&A Boot Camp materials Tabs 1, 7, 9 and 14
  • Supplemental (optional) Hotshot modules*: M&A PracticeM&A Term Sheets

- On-demand session 2:  Structuring the acquisition of a privately held business

- On-demand session 3:  Introduction to the definitive acquisition agreement; negotiating and drafting representations & warranties

  • Required reading before viewing session 3: M&A Boot Camp materials: Tab 10, Tab 12a (TOC and sections 1, 2, 6.1 and 9.2(a)), Tab 12b (TOC and sections 1, 2 and 6.1), Tab 15 (pp 5-9 and 39-43), and Tab 16 (pp 1-17)
  • Supplemental (optional) Hotshot modules:  Principal Acquisition Agreements; Disclosure Schedules

- On-demand session 4:  Negotiating and drafting pre-closing covenants and walk rights

  • Required reading before viewing session 4: M&A Boot Camp materials: Tab 10, Tab 12a (sections 1.3, 4.2, 5.1, 6.1 through 6.4, and 8), Tab 12b (lead-in to section 2 and all of sections 4.2 and 6), and Tab 15 (pp. 23-35)
    Optional reading: M&A Boot Camp Materials: Tab 13
  • Supplemental (optional) Hotshot modules: Due Diligence for M&A Deals

- On-demand session 5:  Negotiating and drafting indemnification provisions; negotiation cartoons

  • Required reading before viewing session 5: M&A Boot Camp materials: Tab 10 (pp. 14 to end), Tab 11, Tab 12a (sections 6.4, 6.13, 9, and definition of "Material Adverse Effect"), Tab 12b (section 6 and definition of "Material Adverse Effect"), Tab 15 (pp. 23-32, 56-64, and 72-114), and Tab 16 (pp. 19-31 and 36-38)
    Optional reading/viewing: Tab 13; Cartoon on "Accuracy of Representations" Conditions; Cartoon on Sandbagging
  • Supplemental (optional) Hotshot module: Caps & Baskets

- Final webcast

Each on-demand module is 1.5 to 1.75 hours in length. The total estimated time that Boot Camp participants should plan on devoting to the program over the course of the summer, including time spent previewing materials to prepare for each on-demand session and time spent viewing all sessions, is 10 to 12 hours.


Hosted in partnership with Hotshot

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Enjoy free access to M&A videos from Hotshot, a provider of digital learning for the legal industry.

The curriculum will be complemented by Hotshot videos covering M&A topics. Learn more about Hotshot at hotshotlegal.com.
*Hotshot content is not required; it’s optional for those interested in delving deeper.

Our friends at Hotshot have generously extended access to their modules and content to law students and other M&A Boot Camp participants through the end of the year. Nothing to do on your end; you can continue to enjoy free access.


M&A Boot Camp materials

Meet the Silicon Valley Partner team

Supplemental Hotshot modules:


Each session is pending the following CLE credit: California 1.5 General; New York 1.5 Professional Practice; Texas 1.5 General; Universal credits 1.5 General.

M&A Cartoons

View the easy-to-digest cartoons from our quarterly M&A Forums:

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