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New frontiers in the Reiwa imperial era: Future challenges for Japan Inc in international arbitration and cross-border investigations Litigation, Arbitration, and Employment Alert

As Japan enters the new Reiwa imperial era, it is time to refresh the aged stereotypes of Japanese companies (hereafter referred to as "Japan Inc") and their approach to international...


CJEU on geographical designation of origin: German "Balsamico" permitted
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By its judgment of 4 December 2019 (C-432/18), the CJEU ruled that the designation of vinegar made from Baden wines as 'Balsamico' is permissible. The protection of the name...

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How the Leveraged Finance market is evolving to encompass ESG factors Lev Fin Spin

The year 2019 has seen responsible business, climate change and impact financing feature high on the agenda with increasing focus on the sector by investors, regulators, trade bodies and...

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Confirmation from the Court of Appeal: Exercising CRAR will waive a right to forfeit Keeping It Real Estate

In an earlier blog we discussed the High Court decision in the case of Thirunavukkrasu v Brar & Brar. The High Court confirmed that taking action pursuant to the Commercial Rent Arrears ...

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FIG Bulletin, 6 December 2019

We are delighted to send you our latest e-newsletter, setting out recent regulatory developments of interest to financial institutions.

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U.S. citizen arrested for sharing information with North Korea on how to use crypto to evade sanctions

A U.S. citizen has been charged in the Southern District of New York with conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA), allegedly providing services to...

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Watch: The Impact of the CCPA on Data-Driven Marketing and Business Models

Come 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) may significantly impact businesses’ data practices, with new and burdensome compliance obligations such as “sale”...

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