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Winston Maxwell is one of the country's most notable data protection and privacy lawyers. His broad practice also offers "world-class advice" on telecommunications and media matters.

Who's Who Legal 2015

Winston's sweet spot is where regulation hits the Internet: How national privacy laws, copyright, media and telecom regulations apply to borderless Internet-based services.  Winston has become a trusted advisor of major Internet, telecom and media companies, and of government institutions: in 2014 he was appointed to the French National Assembly's Commission on Digital Rights, and was asked to contribute to the French Conseil d'Etat's 2014 report on fundamental rights in the digital age.

Winston has completed projects for the European Commission, the French telecom regulatory authority (ARCEP) and data protection authority (CNIL) on forward-looking regulatory issues. After authoring a 2011 book on net neutrality with a member of France's telecommunications regulatory authority, Winston has become one of the country's leading experts on net neutrality.

Winston can also help you with media transactions and litigation, where he has over 20 years' experience in international coproduction and distribution deals.

International data protection is taking up a big share of Winston's attention, including data governance plans, international investigations/eDiscovery, M&A, cloud deals, CNIL litigations and GDPR implementation. Internet of Things projects, including connected health, connected vehicles and smart home devices, are close behind.

Winston teaches comparative privacy law and telecommunications law at a leading French business and engineering school.  He co-heads Hogan Lovells' global TMT industry sector group.

Awards and recognitions


Recognised as a leading lawyer on the "Spotlight Table" Data Protection
Chambers Europe


Ranked "Band 1" in TMT: Media
Chambers Europe


Ranked "Band 2" in TMT: Telecommunications
Chambers Europe


Industry Focus: Healthcare and Life Sciences
Legal 500 EMEA

Education and admissions


PhD in Economics, Telecom ParisTech, 2016

J.D., Cornell Law School, 1985

B.A., Oregon State University, with highest honors, 1982


Member, CSA Lab, the think tank of the French audiovisual regulator

Member, Digital Rights Commission of the French National Assembly

Member IAPP

Member of International Association of Entertainment Lawyers

Bar admissions and qualifications

New York


Representative experience

Advice to multinationals in the creation of comprehensive data privacy governance programs, including BCRs.

Implementing data privacy governance frameworks for cross-border discovery, investigations and data transfers in corporate transactions.

Assisting companies in contentious proceedings before the French CNIL and ARCEP.

Negotiation and drafting of motion picture development, production and distribution agreements.

Acquisitions and joint ventures involving film & television production companies and TV channels; regulatory advice on channels and VOD platforms.

Winston co-authored a study for the French CNIL on the regulation of connected health ('quantified self') devices.

Advising French and non-French mobile, fixed, and OTT providers on Internet of Things, M2M regulation, spectrum, interconnection, data localisation, cyber-security and privacy regulations.

Helping navigate online advertising rules, including cookie regulations, "loi Sapin", and data sharing rules.

Policy support on emerging digital issues, such as the regulation of online platforms, net neutrality, and audiovisual media services regulation.

Advising on 'right to be forgotten' disputes.

Negotiation and drafting of motion picture development, production and distribution agreements.

Acquisitions and joint ventures involving film & television production companies and TV channels; regulatory advice on channels and VOD platforms.

Published works

19 September 2016 "L'affaire Microsoft: la localisation des données et l'extraterritorialité en question", Edition Multimédia.

August 2016 "Quelle régulation pour les plateformes numériques en Europe?", with T. Pénard, Réalités Industrielles, Annales des Mines, p. 42.

July 2016 Publication of comments made by Winston Maxwell at the French Conseil d'Etat seminar on digital rights (Published by the Conseil d'Etat).

June 2016 "Criticisms of Privacy Shield Fail to Recognize Shortcomings of Europe's own Intelligence Laws", with J. Brill, World Data Protection Report.

May 2016 "European Accountability and U.S. Compliance Principles", with S. Taieb, World Data Protection Report.

March 2016 "L'accountability, Symbole d'une influence américaine sur le règlement européen des données personnelles?", with S. Taieb, Dalloz IP/IT, p. 123.

29 February 2016 "L'ARCEP pivote et, ce faisant, cherche à étendre son champ d'intervention: à tort ou à raison?", with S. Piot, Edition Multimédia.

2015 "Régulation de la Convergence", in M. Bourreau (ed.), La Régulation des communications électroniques (2015 Editions Lavoisier)

October 2015 French National Assembly, "Numériques et libertés, Nouvel âge démocratique": contribution by Winston Maxwell on the notion of consent. 

20 July 2015 "Parallèle entre neutralité du Net et TV connectée: c'est plus qu'une affaire de gestion de réseau", with D. Abecassis, Edition Multimédia, 

23 April 2015 "Réguler les Plateformes, une fausse bonne idée", with T. Pénard, L'Opinion.

2015 "Principles based regulation of personal data: the case of 'fair processing'", International Data Privacy Law, p. 205. 

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May 2014 "French Broadcasting Authority proposes to regulate Internet content." World Communications Regulation Report, Bloomberg BNA 

11 March 2014 "Testimony of Winston Maxwell before the French Senate Committee on Internet goverrnance." L'Europe au secours de l'Internet : démocratiser la gouvernance de l'Internet en s'appuyant sur une ambition politique et industrielle européenne, Tome II : Comptes rendus des auditions, Sénat 

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June 2013 "Two models in the US: Exceptions to copyright law." Supplement on "The effectiveness of exceptions to copyright law and other similar laws: practices, legislation and regulation", Revue Lamy Droit de l'immateriel 

Summer 2012 
"So Close, Yet so far Apart: The EU and U.S.visions of a New Privacy Network." Antitrust, Vol. 26, no 3, 2012 

June 2012 "Confronting the FCC Net Neutrality Order with European Regulatory Principles." The Journal of Regulation 

February 2011
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4th Quarter 2009 
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4th quarter 2007 
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