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An analysis of the hot topics and key issues affecting African affairs

Time for a paradigm shift in Africa's supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage economies the world over, while unearthing weak links that have existed for a long time in economies globally. In Africa, the adverse impact of the ...

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Food supply chains in Africa | How the pandemic has impacted

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen crises of scarcity the world over, and resources of all kinds having to be spread ever-more thinly. Job losses and wage cuts around the world have had drastic ...

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COVID-19: African unity and the opportunity for a paradigm shift

With more than 3 million cases worldwide, COVID-19 has not spared any continent. As of 14 May 2020, almost 50,000 cases of COVID-19 had been recorded across 52 countries in Africa, with...

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Africa’s Global Appeal

Last week saw the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hosting the UK Africa Investment Summit in London. The UK finally stepped up to the plate in pushing African business at the highest level...

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The e-consumer in South Africa

The rapid developments in technology have left many electronic spaces unregulated, with lack of or minimal protection to the consumer. However, 2019 could see some new regulatory...

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